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Why I recommend WordPress to most businesses

WordPress has always been an easy choice of content management systems when developing a website.

A quick search online reveals that WordPress is being used by roughly 35% of the web.

Much of that success comes from the large community that has grown around WordPress. As both free and open-source software, WordPress has not only attracted an active open-source community of contributors who write code, fix bugs, debate decisions, and help with development but also a massive range of premium services built to cater to the community. This ecosystem is why WordPress is still one of the best content management systems available today.

The reason I love using WordPress for business websites is simple: onboarding non-technical users to manage website content is easy. I can have someone who has never used WordPress logged in and writing blog posts, managing e-commerce, and making edits to site content in minutes.

The value of that user experience cannot be overstated.

Let’s reframe it now from a business perspective. Would you rather invest in a platform that is cumbersome and expensive to onboard or one that you can train anyone in your organization to use?

WordPress isn’t perfect but it does what it’s built to do well.

That’s why I believe using WordPress for rich content editing makes a lot of sense and why I continue to recommend it to most businesses.

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